Which books should I read to learn valueinvesting? And is it time to now buy since the market seems to be crashing?


Hey guys im new to this. Im trying to learnvalue investing and I know i shoud read The intelligent investor. I am goingto. But right now i am reading one up on wall street. Question is can I do acourse on value investing? What other books should I read? Am I too late toinvest? Im 23 years old and Things went downwards which made me think that Ishould start learning how to grow. So anyone willing to help me learn? Or guideme?



1:.The Intelligent Investor by BenjaminGraham.


2. Start with The Warren Buffett Way andBuffetology.


3. If you can, take Bruce Greenwald’s classin Columbia University. If not, read his book titled Value Investing. Also, Irecommend Joseph Calandro’s “Applied Value Investing”.


4. Watch some videos of Sven Karlin, he’sgreat. You can read: the little book that beats the market, the little book ofvalue investing, the intelligent investor.


Calculate some example stocks/portfoliosevolving over years through some scenarios (continuous growth, bear market,recession).


But in the end it will take some time toget used to taking risks with your money. I started with 1k and just boughtstocks of a few decent companies I felt familiar with (circle of confidence)and got to know different elements of investing like dividends, seeing thestock prices go up and down, losing some, gaining some.


5. You should learn the basics. Althoughthe Intelligent Investor is the bible for value investors, it’s not much usefulif you can’t understand the terminology. A book I strongly suggest you startingwith is “Value investing for dummies”, the title may seemunderwhelming, but it’s basically a 150 page crash course about everything youneed to know about investing (I part of the book) and more specifically valueinvesting(II part of the book). Right now the market seems to be going througha , -11% or something for some indexes, expect the following days todip even lower, for value investor this means that there is a bargain and youcan buy for a price which is more coherent with its intrinsic value. Sobasically yes, this is the golden opportunity to start investing.

你应该学习基本知识。虽然聪明的投资者是价值投资者的圣经,但如果你不懂这个术语,它就没什么用处了。我强烈建议你从“傻瓜的价值投资”开始读这本书,书名可能显得不起眼,但它基本上是一个150页的速成课程,内容是你需要知道的关于投资的一切(本书的一部分)和更具体的价值投资(本书的二部分)。现在市场似乎正在经历 一些指数预计未来几天会进一步下探,-11%左右,对于价值投资者来说,这意味着存在一个讨价还价的机会,你可以以更符合其内在价值的价格买入。所以基本上是的,这是开始投资的黄金机会。

6. If you don’t have any experience and donot know how to proceed with researching on company’s financial statements, myadvice is not to buy shares from any company and do not follow what others do.Stay disciplined and until you grasp enough knowledge I suggest you investingin mutual funds related to value investing. You can find many by researching onthe internet. Of course you are going to need time (at least 1 year). Don’t bein a rush, knowledge is more important than money. The more knowledge you have,the more opportunities you will have to make money.



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